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Safety data

Certain furucoumarins, notably bergapten, have been found to be photo-toxic in concentration and in dilution even after some time. Extreme care must be taken in dermal applications - or substitue with a rectified or “bergapten free” oil. Otherwise non-toxic and relatively non-irritant.


Blends well with:

Lavender, neroli, jasmine, cypress, geranium, lemon, chamomile, juniper, coriander and violet.




Skin:Acne, boils, cold sores, eczema, insect repellant and bites, oily complexion, psoriasis, scabies, spots., varicose veins, wounds.


Respiratory System: Halitosis, mouth infections, sore throat, tonsilitis, bronchitis.


Genito-Urinary System: Cystisis, leucorrhea, pruritis, thrush.


Digestive: Flatulance, loss of appetite, indigestion, excessive appetite.


Nervous System: Anxiety, depression and stress related conditions, having a refreshing and uplifting quality, restlessness, irritability.


Immune System: Colds, fevers, flu, infectious diseases.


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